[Tweeters] English Boom, Camano Island

Howard Armstrong godwits at wavecable.com
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After the Skagit Audubon Fieldtrip on Samish Island, Gary Bletsch and I went
to English Boom and had better success with the Loggerhead Shrike. We walked
out until we came to the big ditch across the trail. Since we did not want
to get all muddy we scoped from there. About as far away as we could see, I
spotted the Shrike on a log, but could not tell the species from there so
we crossed the ditch and walked much closer and got close looks as it
foraged for insects.

Howard Armstrong sendtogodwits at wavecable.com Samish Island


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I birded English Boom for a couple hours this morning in light to heavy
rain, looking principally for the Loggerhead Shrike reported several times
last week. I had no luck finding the Shrike. The Short-eared Owl is still
present, in the area of the beached house boat at the east end of the trail.
It was being harassed by several crows almost continually and seems to be
missing a primary as well as having a couple more hanging loosely. I'm sure
the crows are the culprits.

Michael Willison, sendtomichael at hotmail.com, Stanwood


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