[Tweeters] Common Raven in Shoreline

Jordan Gunn uwjag21 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 29 19:36:46 PDT 2009

On Friday I saw a large dark bird just down the street near the corner of Ashworth Ave N, and 165th in Shoreline making low gliding circles and causing the crows to go crazy.  It scared up a bunch of Rock Pigeons that are want to hang out on the power wires, so I thought Peregrine or Red-tailed.  However, when I made the trek down the street in my PJ's and binos in the rain, it was a COMMON RAVEN being harrassed by the lesser corvids.  What tipped me off to its location high up in an evergreen was the falling of what looked to be small light-colored feathers.  Sure enough, the beleaguered raven was digging into a feathered meal - I could not see well enough in the conditions to make out what the meal was exactly.  I didn't think ravens would take live birds (other than chicks), so perhaps it was roadkill flown to a perch.

Jordan Gunn
Shoreline, WA

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