[Tweeters] Grant, Adams,and Douglas Co (Bird Report)

Khanh Tran fsprucegrouse at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 30 08:35:10 PDT 2009

Hi all,

I got alittle bit lost this weekend from the storm and was blown further south--abit away from my usual haunt. I had the good fortune of joining keen birder, Tom Mansfield (Seattle, WA) and we birded mostly in Grant and Adams Co. I got my first WA state Burrowing Owls and Tricolored Blackbirds!

We had one day of wet weather but still did well in finding our target species in these counties. Staying in COOL-lee City was tolerable with the sincere and colorful locals at Grandpa Joe's Tavern. My Cola san sucre kept me sober, thank goodness! We had a great time!

Snapped a few scant photos and revealed the photo quiz ANSWER to the mixed flock of birds photo from last time. Just click on the image and see below the photo for comments.


************Here are the highlights:****************

ROSS GOOSE: Only conspicuous white bird sticking out amongst a large flock of 1000 Canada geese at Royal Lake. Bird was seen at a distance in the third 'inlet' by the small viewpoint.

SANDHILL CRANES; Up to 1500 birds in several locations. A sizeable flock on Lower Crab Creek, Hwy 26, and Royal City near Royal Lake. Another flock along Hwy 17 around Booker Rd. So impressive to see in large flocks!

CHUKAR: One pair along Lower Crab Creek Rd about 3 miles from Smyrna,WA near the rocky slopes.

GREATER SAGE GROUSE; The sex-crazed males were a bit subdued. Roughly 9 birds at the Leahy Junction lek. More birds were on the left side of the road where there are more open grassy areas. Go about 200 yards pass the 5 feet 'berm' that is near the right side of the road as mentioned in Opperman Guide.

RUFFED GROUSE: One male near cabins at Brooks Memorial Park (Hwy 97). East side of Park near office.

LONG BILLED CURLEW: Two fleeting pairs; one pair near Cemetery Rd in Othello and other pair along Hwy 26.

AMERICAN AVOCET; A pair along County Ponds on Hwy 26 towards Othello.

GOLDEN EAGLE: One cooperative bird along Lower Crab Creek and B SE. Another one at the Leahy Junction in Mansfield.

PRAIRIE FALCON: One bird along Hwy 26 towards Othello.

PEREGRINE FALCON: One fleeting bird along the rocky cliffs of Hwy 14 near Maryhill Museum.

ROUGH LEGGED HAWK; Hovering bird near Leahy Junction in Mansfield.

BURROWING OWL; 4 birds at two locations on Booker and Sutton Rd in Othello.

LONG EARED OWL: One flighty bird at Steam Boat State Park along Hwy155 about 10 miles south from Electric City.

BARN OWL: One bird at dusk on Moe Road in Ellensburg.

NORTHERN PYGMY OWL: One visual bird near Satus Pass along Hwy 97

GREAT HORNED OWL; 4 birds total; on Berry Rd in Ellenburg, Lower Crab Creek, Steam Boat SP and Division Rd in Mansfield. Some on nests.

LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE: A few birds along Lower Crab Creek and Hwy 97 near Toppenish.

SAGE SPARROW; One bird singing along Old Vantage Hwy near Kittitas and at Leahy Junction

VESPER SPAROW; One bird along Pinto Ridge Road.

SAGE THRASHER; A pair along Old Vantage Hwy.

TRICOLORED BLACKBIRDS. A flock of roughly 50 birds near the Para Ponds in Othello. Lots of Yellow headed, Red winged and Brewers Blackbirds as well especially at Camino Feedlot along Hwy 26.

PINE GROSBEAK; A noisy flock of a dozen birds at Brooks Memorial Park along Hwy 97 (12 miles north of Goldendale). Birds were on the westside instead and on the opposite of the Park Office entrance.

Good birding,

Khanh Tran (Portland, Oregon)

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