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I have never seen a crow or a number of crows killing another bird. However, I did watch one kill a deer mouse once. Crows can be capable predators if the right opportunity arises. They survive by being flexible and taking whatever source of food comes their way. But, I don't really see them as necessarily more or less aggressive than any other bird in the neighborhood.

I am not sure about your assumption regarding the pigeon being obviously healthy. A healthy pigeon could easily outpace a crow or even a group of crows working together. Pigeons can fly between 50 and 60 mph in level flight. Crows don't really compete with rock doves (pigeons) in speed or maneuverability. Remember, pigeons survive in the city by out maneuvering peregrine falcons and Cooper's hawks...

I would suggest that it is possible the pigeon was sick and had trouble flying, because otherwise I don't see it as feasible for crows to be able to keep pace with it for one thing, and to try and tackle it, for another. Crows, being keenly aware of their environment likely tuned into something being seriously amiss with the bird and decided to take the opportunity.

Just a different take on it,

Filip Tkaczyk


You never know what you'll see just driving around!

Waiting through a slow light on S 19th in Tacoma, near Allenmore Hospital, I spotted three Crows chasing a Rock Pigeon along the road. All four were flying well, but keeping near the pavement, so I ASSUMED the Pigeon had something the Crows wanted. They disappeared around the corner of a building, so I had to wait 'til the traffic moved a little to get the rest of the story. To my surprise. the Crows were "mugging" the hapless Pigeon at this point. The Pigeon was on it's back being pecked unmercifully by the three Crows.

Question: Has anyone seen this level of aggression by crows toward such a large, and obviously healthy prey? How common is it? (OK, two questions)


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