FW: [Tweeters] FYI - Alabama Mockingbird?

Barbara Miller bmill07 at comcast.net
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When I lived in Boston I loved it when mockingbirds were in the area because
they gave me something to listen to when I woke up in the middle of the
night. I also took a class once from Richard Walton, who wrote "Birding by
Ear" and, at least in the northeast, one can distinguish a mockingbird from
other imitative birds by counting the repetitions they make of a given song
before imitating another one-a mockingbird will sing the same song at least
three times. A useful thing to know when one can't see the bird because of
darkness or because one really isn't about to get up out of bed and go
outside to look for it.

Barb Miller

Bellevue, WA

Barb at Comcast dot net

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Hi Dave. I know that mockingbirds do imitate whip-poor-wills, and they do
sing all through the night, especially in Alabama!

Andy Papadatos

Snohomish, WA

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> Subject: [Tweeters] FYI - Alabama Mockingbird?


> I'm sitting outside my hotel at 11:00 pm here listening to this bird

> that sings a variety of tunes. Man at another table tells me it is a

> "Night Whipoorwill". I go looking for the bird in the tree, not

> expecting to see anything. But I do and it looks to me like a

> mockingbird. But it is only streetlit in a leafy tree so I'm not sure,

> but it is certainly not anything in the poorwill/nightjar family.


> So the question is: Do mockingbirds sing that late at night?


> Thanks


> David Barber Vancouver, WA tripping in Birmingham at the Civil Rights

> Institute


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