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How do you really feel, Ebriefer? Wow!
It seems to me that your brush strokes are exceptionally large!

Joe Meche

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Kevin -yes you are correct: if people would understand rules and regulations they would be able to work out the problem of how to get the rules and regulations instead of being lazy and asking other people to help them out of their dilemma. Right down the line- people do not read. And that is a big problem with nearly all birders- because of the role photographs play within the minds of nearly all individuals. I.E., words have meaning -why read what field guides state, when you can just look at the photographs. How many birders read the introduction of field guides and understand the disclaimers of the publication- such as how to understand the meaning of range maps and habitat? How many people understand - that a field?guide even a series of field guides - is in some cases just a guide. How many birders understand the importance of understanding size and shape? Yes, birders are naive. Why do all birders and raptor biologists think alike? Now we are moving into my specialty-!
raptors and Northern Goshawks. Why are birders so naive, as to not understand that Goshawks are moving into cities and suburbs, and have been doing so for many years? I know all the answers. I am stating specifically that in San Diego- Mr. Guy McCaskie, Mr. Phil Unitt, Mr. Claude Edwards are naive as to the information I have presented to them and their organizations. Should I go on about the raptor biologists and ornithologists and Audubon Chapter Presidents in Texas and how naive they are!? As goes the subject of? the problems? of those wishing to unsubscribe- I at one time was in the same boat and it was frustrating- but I finally figured my way out. Now, when I see others with this problem, I just chuckle and know that they too will take some time and figure out the problem? (they are not stupid) by themselves, and now they are no longer naive on that subject.

And one other subject- How many birders understand the value of this service: this listserve? And understand the logic that is a part of this service? Nelson Briefer? ebriefer at aol.com?? Anacortes, Wa., Tucson, Williamsport, Pa., and Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

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