[Tweeters] Oh NO!!!! Evening Grosbeaks again!

Vicki Biltz vickibiltz at msn.com
Fri May 22 16:24:18 PDT 2009

Hi! After getting home last night to discover the person taking care of my animals did NOT fill the feeders one time, I was somewhat relieved. Not a grosbeak in sight this morning. That was about 6 AM. So I felt it safe to resume normal feeding behavior, (for the birds, my feeding behaiviour has not changed whatsoever) and filled up the sunflower feeders. Not much later, just about the time the coffee was done, I heard that slightly sweet, clear, and very deceptive note the Evenings give before they take over your yard. But just one, and then a female; who appeared to be his mate. Great! I can handle this. The Black Headed Grosbeak male was feeding, and the female also; the cousins were getting along splendidly. Or so it seemed.I went into Tacoma to pick up some things, and returned to 12 Evening Grosbeaks. I am not going into panic, as I think most have hit the trail and are on their way to Bumping Lake Road by now. But I am monitoring, and will not let them have it as easy as before. I do have bills to pay......

Vicki Biltz Bonney Lake Wa.

vickibiltz at msn.com



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