[Tweeters] Ocean Birding!!!!

Ruth Sullivan godwit513 at msn.com
Sun May 31 09:58:11 PDT 2009

Hello Tweeters,
Mike Marsh and I decided ( even so the tide was not in our favor) going
birding to the coast.Birding was slow do to the strong winds.But we had few
good birds to report.
North Cove had 200 BONEPARTE'S GULL ,from this there where 20 birds in full
breeding plumage.This birds probable got stranded do to the high winds.This
birds was first so active bathing in the shallow waters,but an hour later
there all rested in the sand,There also was a big push on California Gulls
on the beach.This is the first in many years that I witnessed this big group
of Boneparte's Gulls.That also is going for the declining Red Knots,where
there been sighted on some beaches up to 6000 birds,Bottle beach was holding
steady big groups of up to 400 RED KNOTS reported.
Tokeland was quite on the waters a pair of Greater Scaup on the choppy
water.Marbled Godwit's was in a smaller amount about 400 with 1 WILLET.We
was also to late on the tide on Bottle Beach,as we did not considered the
high winds who
pushed the water faster to in.But we still had a small group of
Shorebirds on the beach feeding ,and there stayed around..
There where 45 Black-bellied Plovers, 7 RED KNOTS,4 Dunlin,with 1 DUNLIN in
full breeding Plumage.20 Short-billed DOWITCHERS,1 Greater YELLOWLEGS.On
Acosta road we had 1 VIRGINIA RAIL.For all day we had 6 Bald Eagles
Despite the weather with the cold wind,Mike and I HAD A GREAT TIME THIS TO

Cheers Ruth Sullivan

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