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Wed Nov 11 11:24:50 PST 2009

Fieldtrip Bonanza!!!!!!!
By Ruth Sullivan
It was a special Day to pick a date for a Fieldtrip for a combined trip for
Tahoma and Black Hills Audubon to Ocean Shores. We had 10 eager birders who
all participated in finding the three
RARE Birds on Bowerman Basin.We all agreed to staying an extra time here to
every one saw this birds,We all had good looks at the CHESTNUT-Collared
On the way home we got a tip from one of the parties who had to leave
early,that there had a TOPICAL KINGBIRD also on Bowerman Basin.So in all
Patrick and I birdying,we never had 4 RARE BIRDS in one place,We ended the
day with 72 Species.
We also was lucky to had good weather with Sunshine,so everything was in or
favor,Here are some highlights from our trip
We had a Peregrine Falcon dived down on the Sewage Ponds in Ocean Shores to
grab a small bird,this happen so fast as we all looking and studying the
group of short-billed Dowitchers,but we all thinking that the prey was the
tiny female Green-winged Teal what we all adored,
and the Teal was not seen again.In the ponds as also was a Pectoral
Sandpiper.Around the Marina we had good looks at a Northern Shrike who sat
and posed for us.
Another highlight was on Damon Point where we walked out and witnessed 4
large group of of small peeps,mostly all Western .We wondering flying in
such speed and never trying to land,when we discover a dark Falcon appeared
to be a young Merlin, since with that many Shorebirds he came out empty.
A lone single Dunlin was discover standing all alone looked
suspicious,(we spend some time looking at this bird) but in the end it was
this a lone Dunlin.
We also had high count on Common and Red-throated Loons and returning
Bufflehead Ducks. We also found all three Scoters being the Black kind of
early since there are usual coming back in early November,but this could
vary each year.
We did not done much around the jetty,since the tide was coming in that
staying close to the jetty we kind of swapped by the waves,there where few
Surfbids and a big flock of Ruddy Turnstones.It was after 5.00 PM hitting
Bowerman looking for the Tropical Kingbird,who was on Paulson's Road,and
again this bird was not found the next morning and there after.

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