[Tweeters] Eagle vs swans and an eagle with a problem

D. Lewis debsstuff at comcast.net
Sat Nov 28 08:56:59 PST 2009

Good morning

With the day off my husband and I made the trip up to Fir Island. The weather was beautiful and so were the birds. We stopped to watch a group of trumpeter swans take off and land when we saw a eagle in a nearby tree.  We drove over to take a picture of the eagle and a few minutes later it took off.  We thought it just got tired of us watching it when all of a sudden it flew low behind a bunch of the swans and tried to grab one.  I had seen them look hard at snow geese before but never actually go after one.  Allthough I'm sure they do - but a huge swan!  The swan got away with all it's feathers.

I managed to get one good picture:


After Fir Island we made our way up to Samish Flats.  We saw merlins swooping on the dunlins and a beautiful falcon sitting in the sun near the Padilla Bay  visitor center.  We drove around Samish Island and saw more eagles,  I was taking pictures of another eagle with the bay in the back gound when it's mate flew by.  I snapped a pic of it flying by and when I got home I looked closer at the picture only to notice that the eagle had a fish hook hanging from it's bill.  This is a blown up picture of the eagle head:


I don't suppose there's any way of finding this eagle and removing the hook but I thought I would just let everyone know.

Have a good day

D Lewis

North Bend, WA

debsstuffatcomcast dot net

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