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I was one of (apparently) several folks who saw the LBB gull below John Day dam yesterday (Friday); was there about 1:15.

When my wife and brimming-with-energy pup arrived, a Tacoma birder, Ryan Wiese (sp?), had already lined out the general location of where he'd seen the bird. Mere minutes later we were scoping it in favorable light. Nice!!

Ryan's young daughter's fascination with this larid rarity expired before ours did and so he attentively decamped to keep her on the smiling side. He may well have left a copy of the big Sibley Guide close to where he'd set up his scope. (If not him, some previous birder did). Reckoning a birder "from away" would probably not drive back for it, we took it for safekeeping, hence this post.

A favor: would someone who's subscribed to Tweeters forward this so a birder from Tacoma may read this. Ryan or whoever the owner is ....follow the email address crumb trail and let me know (with something obvious in email subject line, please)
good birding all,
ps. good meeting you Marshall B.

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