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Curtis & Tweets,

Nice find. Brien Meilleur, Carol Schulz, Nancy Hunn, and I had excellent
views of the two SHARP-TAILED SANDPIPERS about 11:30 AM today, Sunday,
October 4, at the "Toysmith"/Thomas mitigated wetland, which is just south
of 277th along the Frontage Rd. just east of I-167 in Auburn or on the
Kent/Auburn boundary.

The Sharp-taileds were of course juveniles, not the brightest but quite
striking nonetheless, in direct comparison with six juvenile Pectoral
Sandpipers, three juvenile Long-billed Dowitchers and a Greater Yellowlegs.

I got some recognizable digiscope photos (sorry, I don't have a site for
posting them) of one, though they spent most of their time sleeping with one
eye open. We were able to see their breast patterns clearly on one occasion,
finely streaked only on the sides of the breast, clear pale golden buff in
the center of the breast without the neat bib effect of the Pectorals. The
cap was bright rufous and brown striped; the face and flaring post-ocular
supercilium a creamy white; the coverts blackish with a very narrow rufous
and whitish margin, thus appearing darker and less striped on the back than
the Pectorals. We were able to spot some fine gray shaft streaks on the
lateral undertail coverts which appeared absent on the Pectorals. The main
flock was often difficult to see in the reedy margin of the west side of the
pond. They also spent some time likewise ducking in and out of the sedges
along the north margin about half way back toward the east.

According to my records there are five previous records for King County,
9/3/1987, 9/12/1987, 9/29/1996, 10/10/1996, and 10/15/2004.

Gene Hunn

18476 47th Pl. NE

Lake Forest Park, WA

enhunn323 at comcast.net

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Hi tweeters,

About 1800 hrs., Bobby and I observed 2 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers in a
flock of dowitchers and at least 1 Pectoral Sandpiper, on a point of mud and
short grass about 100' east of the hydrant on the road along the west side
of Thomas Pond. The observation lasted about 10 minutes before the flock of
12 birds flew away to the northwest, and did not return.

Curtis Pearson

Hillman City WA

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