[Tweeters] Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge one day auto closure

Will Clemons willclemons at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 8 18:40:03 PDT 2009

Please be aware of the following:

1) Saturday & Sunday (Oct 10 & 11) is BirdFest and Bluegrass - and more - in the community of Ridgefield, WA

2) Saturday, access to the "Auto Tour Route" on the River 'S' Unit will be by free tour bus ONLY. That's right, you can't drive on the River 'S' Unit that day.

3) According to the events schedule:
"This is the first time guided tours will be the only access to River 'S' on Saturday the 10th. With BirdFest growing every year and approximately 4,000 visits during the weekend, the Auto Tour Route can be bumper to bumper during peak visitation."

4) See
for more information

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