[Tweeters] Sandhill Cranes, Thurston Co.

Douglas Canning dcanning at igc.org
Fri Oct 9 19:17:28 PDT 2009

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This afternoon, while canoeing the Black River of Thurston Co. (~2-1/2
miles south of Littlerock), I got some good looks at a flock of ~100
Sandhill Crane in flight south-bound.

It was ~1240 pst when I heard calls above and to the west a bit.
Looking up I saw what at first simple reaction were Canada Geese, but
the wing area relative to body mass was wrong for Canadas, and their
calls were not those of a Canada. Then they went behind the river bank
tree line !@#!*! and I began swiftly paddling away from the shore to
restore the view. When seen again, the white underwing markings made it
clear they were not Canadas, but rather Sandhills. I got in three
counts by 10 and each time came up with 100, itself a small miracle.
The fluidity of the flock movements was fascinating.

Otherwise, the birds along the Black River were dominated by Stellar's
Jay and Band-tailed Pigeon, so I spent most of my time botanizing.


Douglas Canning
Olympia, Wash.

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