[Tweeters] Ridgefield NWR Sharp-tailed Sandpiper continues

Jim Danzenbaker jdanzenbaker at gmail.com
Sat Oct 17 11:22:50 PDT 2009

Hi Tweters,

Shorebirding at Ridgefield NWR (Clark County) this morning was very
rewarding with many birds present all over Rest Lake as follows:

presumably continuing SHARP-TAILED SANDPIPER: 1 (seen from the car from the
pullout just south of the three trees east of Rest Lake)
Pectoral Sandpiper 6-8
Lesser Yellowlegs 12+
Greater Yellowlegs 2
Long-billed Dowitcher 250+
Western Sandpiper 25+
Least Sandpiper 15+
probable Semipalmated Sandpiper 1 (found just before a Peregrine flyby which
shuffled the shorebird deck and sent many of them flying south out of Rest

A Peregrine, Merlin, and two Harriers were also actively shorebirding this
morning. Many shorebirds flew out of Rest Lake flying south just before 9am
as a result of repeated forays by a Peregrina and several Harriers.
Jim Danzenbaker
Battle Ground, WA
jdanzenbaker at gmail.com
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