[Tweeters] YES black-tailed gull location Tues Oct 20

ctrogon at comcast.net ctrogon at comcast.net
Tue Oct 20 18:50:35 PDT 2009

Today fairly close (binocular views, even!) at:
A pullout south of the 'original' just south of Tyee Marina. Look for the NOAA sign, and the green street sign NE 4800 on the pole. Room for 5-6 vehicles. Today the gull was on the 1st perpendicular log to the right of the seals resting on the logboom.

Seen at 5:00-6:00 pm by Shep Thorpe, Randy Robinson, Jane Hadley and Donna Poppe, who were all kindly fetched from their search at the original pullout by Igor Uhrovic, who had spotted the gull and came to tell us.
....Donna Poppe

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