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Wed Oct 21 16:41:20 PDT 2009

Hi All,
This morning Bob Norton, our wives and myself observed a Chestnut-collared Longspur along part of the fence line surrounding the Hoquiam STP. We had very good close-up looks, observing it's blackish belly, buffy throat, short primary projection and generally small appearance. I called Brad Waggoner to bounce some ID things off him and he was soon on his way down to check out the bird and once there, he reaffirmed our ID.
To locate the bird, turn onto Paulson Rd, (the first left just past the Hoquiam High School,) once on Paulson Rd go to the end, turn left, and just about 30' or so before the rd makes a sharp right, the bird was feeding under the barb wire fence, on the sewage pond side of the rd. I also called Ian Paulsen and he kindly posted the bird on Tweeters alert earlier, thanks Ian! Once again, many thanks to Brad Waggoner for ID help over the phone and for working us through this bird
Good luck and I hope this interesting bird decides to stay around a while.
Cheers and good luck, Doug Watkins
Bainbridge Is Wa

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