[Tweeters] Pink-sided junco??

Rolan Nelson rnbuffle at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 23 09:08:16 PDT 2009

D.  I've see a few Pink Sidded in AZ  and their heads are considerably lighter gray than your bird.  My guess from the photo is that this one is within the nornal range for a male Oregon Junco.  -Rolan

Rolan Nelson
Fircrest, WA
rnbuffle at yahoo.com

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Good evening
I had never heard of a pink-sided junco before but someone suggested that this was one.  It does look different than all the others at my feeder, not to mention, that all the other males are chasing it off.
If someone would let me know I would appreciate it, here's the picture:
D. Lewis
North Bend, WA
Debsstuffatcomcastdot net
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