[Tweeters] Spencer Island Saturday

Brenda Burnett beaknbird at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 26 15:48:05 PDT 2009

We got a late start walking at Spencer Island on Saturday, so it was very quiet in the bird realm. When we walked back toward Langus Riverfront Park on the path/road between the sewage lagoons, we found out where all the ducks were hanging out! I have never seen so many Ruddy Ducks in one place, ever. I had no idea they came through here in such numbers. I'm not good at estimating, but at least 1,000 seems an appropriate guess. Also large numbers of Ring-Necked Ducks, American Coots, and some other small dark ducks that were too far away to i.d., even with the scope.

Oh yes, and there were some Bonaparte's Gulls in among the Mew Gulls sitting on the side of the lagoon near the path.

Brenda Burnett


beaknbird at hotmail dot com

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