[Tweeters] Info on Stellar Jays - please Queen Anne

cromaat at scn.org cromaat at scn.org
Mon Oct 5 14:45:13 PDT 2009

Hi Tweets

I've been getting mobbed by Stellar Jays for the last couple months and
have really enjoyed them and started to feed them.

A couple days ago I had to place plastic over the sliding glass door (the
door they come to me for peanuts) for the winter, as it leaks cold air.
Since then the Jays have not been coming by much, and if they do, they
don't sit out waiting for me (they used to sit and wait for several
minutes) but leave almost immediately, not giving me the time to get
outside via the other door to give them peanuts (otherwise the squirrels
take all the peanuts).

I thought Jays were smart and recognized people. Will they understand it's
me coming out of another door and start to wait again?

If they stop coming around this fall and winter, will they be back in the
spring when I take down the plastic and can be available at that door (the
other is the main door to our apartment building)?

How can I get them to continue to come (there is kibble out there for the
crows and occasionally a Jay will eat some)? And if they stop, how do I
get them to return in the Spring?

Thank you,
Queen Anne
cromaat at scn dot org

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