[Tweeters] Eurasian Collared-Dove bonanza

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I wouldn't use terms with a possible positive implication like "bonanza" and
"I hit the jackpot" for sightings of numerous Eurasian Collared Doves in
western Washington. It is my impression that they have a niche similar to
the Mourning Dove, and I'm guessing the rise in the population of alien
Eurasian Collared Doves will come, in part, at the expense of our native
Mourning Doves and unknown other native organisms.


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> Tweeters,


>...> However, I hit the jackpot with EURASIAN COLLARED-DOVES. In between


> visits to Jensen, I decided to see if I could find some Collared-Doves in

> the Stanwood area.

> (I still hadn't seen one in Snohomish County.) I ended up seeing 23

> Collared-Doves at 3 locations between Conway and the Stillaguamish River,

> as

> follows:


> Flock of 13 at Conway (Skagit Co.)-- along Pioneer Highway, immediately

> south of the turnoff to Conway. I've often seen flocks of Mourning Doves

> in

> the past at this spot (none yesterday), and there were about 50 ROCK


> nearby.


> Flock of 9 south of Stanwood but north of the Stillaguamish River (along

> Marine Drive south of Florence Road but north of Boe Road, Snohomish

> Co.)--

> same location where Greg Toffic saw 10 of them about 10 days ago.


> Single bird along Old Pacific Highway, north of Stanwood but about a mile

> south of the junction with Pioneer Highway (Snohomish Co.).


> Skagit County seems to be the population center for Eurasian

> Collared-Doves

> in western Washington. In addition to Conway, I have seen them repeatedly

> at

> 3 other locations: in and near the small town of Edison, in the even

> smaller nearby town of Blanshard on Highway 11, and along Bradshaw Road

> west

> of Mount Vernon. Collared-Doves are also being seen regularly in numbers

> at

> 3 localities near Vancouver, BC. However, I have yet to see one in Whatcom

> County, although there have been a few sightings there.


> It will be interesting to watch the increase and expansion of Eurasian

> Collared-Doves as they populate most of lowland western Washington, which

> I

> expect they will do within a few years.


> Wayne C. Weber

> Delta, BC

> contopus at telus.net









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