[Tweeters] N. Flickers & siskins & merlins

D. Lewis debsstuff at comcast.net
Sun Apr 4 08:43:41 PDT 2010

Happy Easter

I just wanted to pass along a quick note about the flickers in my neighborhood in North Bend.  I got up early last weekend and looked out on my deck expecting to see the usual chickadees but there were two northern flickers do a little mating (I think) dance.  They were standing on the deck looking at each other and then they would both shake all over and then sway back and forth.  After a few seconds they would do it again.  This little dance went on for about 4 or 5 minutes until they flew off together.  I guess the mating dance worked!

We also have a flock of at least 18 to 20 or so pine siskins hanging out at my feeder all day long.  Or for as long as their daily allotment thistle seed lasts.  I don't remember the last time we've had this many siskins .  This must be a migration year for them into the area.

We went to Cle Elum yesterday to look and see what was flying around.  We went by the grange hall (where the mockingbird was last fall) and there are quite a few western bluebirds hanging around.  We just parked and waited for them to fly in.  There is a bluebird house behind the hall that looks like a pair is thinking of nesting.   We went north of the grange hall and there was a merlin sitting in a tree on the right hand side (south) of the road  near where the buffalo roam!

D Lewis

North Bend, WA


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