[Tweeters] three-days, many miles looking for WA birds

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Fri Apr 9 16:43:03 PDT 2010

Hi Tweeters,

Bill and I returned this afternoon from a big loop trip,
starting from Seattle, down to the Columbia River, east and up through
Goldendale and out to Crab Creek and Othello. Up to Soap Lake, out to
Wilson Creek and then home. I will mention just a few of the interesting
sightings, apologizing ahead of time if something is mundane, even if it's
interesting to me! These birds are more or less in chronological order of
sighting, not phylogenetic.

Ospreys-I've noticed several reports on these birds lately. We
saw them all along the Columbia River and then several times along the
Yakima River as we drove home. I'd say they were definitely back.

Acorn Woodpecker-thanks to Wilson Cady for directions. We found
the granary tree and saw three Acorn Woodpeckers at one time on the tree
south of Old Hwy 8.

Evening Grosbeak-large flock also on Old Hwy 8.

Long-billed Curlew-two locations. One in Black Rock Valley,
east of Moxee and several in the field east of the Grant Co Airport from
Stratford Road (n. of Moses Lake).

Sandhill Cranes-1000s in two locations in the Columbia NWR from
Lower Crab Creek Road.

Cackling Geese-1000s at the County Ponds on Hwy. 26 near

Avocets-maybe a dozen in Soap Lake

Ruddy Ducks-1000s in Soap Lake and Lake Lenore

Collared Dove (3)-in the city of Soap Lake

White Pelican-about 10 on the marsh on Crab Creek not far from
Wilson Creek. Seen from Hwy. 28.

Swainson's Hawk-one on a telephone pole on Hwy 28

Ferruginous Hawk-we didn't find these birds this am, but we
weren't sure where to look either.

I don't like to complain, but yesterday we experienced the fiercest, cold
wind most of yesterday. Even people in eastern Washington were complaining.
I'm sure this kept down the numbers of smaller birds we might have seen. At
one point we saw a Mallard trying to fly into the wind. It was beating its
wings mightily and losing ground. Today was much more pleasant, but still

I wouldn't have mentioned this except someone noted yesterday or
so seeing a Magpie in Bellevue near Hwy 520. Bill is pretty sure he saw a
Magpie (largish black and white bird) flying across 1-90 just as we crossed
Hwy. 405. about 1:30 pm this afternoon. Unfortunately for me, I had fallen

I have to add that Washington is certainly a beautiful state and
I never tire of birding here.

Charlotte Byers, Seattle

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