[Tweeters] Osprey and Pileated Woodpecker in Gig Harbor

Patricia C Kennedy pcflyer at comcast.net
Wed Apr 14 12:47:45 PDT 2010

Hi Tweeters,
I saw an osprey in Gig Harbor city limits today just west of Highway
16. It soared, then landed on the cell phone tower near the Inn at Gig
Harbor. This looks like a pretty good nesting spot though it's not
near a body of water. Maybe they've nested there before and I didn't
know about it but I will certainly be watching more closely now. As
most birders around here know, there has been a long-established
osprey nest in the "gorilla towers" of Burley Lagoon.

Also, for the third morning in a row I heard what sounded like a
Pileated woodpecker hammering away in the new Kenneth Leo Marvin Park.
Still not able to spot it.

PC Kennedy

On Apr 14, 2010, at 12:04 PM, tweeters-
request at mailman2.u.washington.edu wrote:

> I've been checking the Everett waterfront for the past week or so,

> scanning for Ospreys

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