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hi tweeters- on a beautiful day in leavenworth + icicle canyon - we saw some early spring birds--there were abundant YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS.ROBINS + STELLER'S JAY S at the fish hatchery + all along icicle canyon--.there was a male RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD on a small tree past the hatchery bridge that we have seen for at least 3 years-wonder if it's the same one?---above icicle canyon , while rock climbong we saw 1 TURKEY VULTURE,lots of VIOLET GREEN SWALLOWS + heard only 1 CANYON WREN---there were EVENING GROSBEAKS flying around--we heard a WILLOW FLYCATCHER by the icicle river--lastly we walked to the icile from the start of the xc ski place by the SLEEPING LADY RESORT-lots of CASSINS FINCHES + EVENING GORSBEAKS +MOURNONG DOVES there--if you walk to the river,there is a dead tree w/ a small greenish boat at the shore---there is a nesting pair of PYGMY NUTHATCHES there-we have seen them last year as well--in the ponderosa pines just back from this tree were a pair of WHITE-HEADED WOODPECKERS- we have seen them many times there or across the river , so a fairly reliable spot for them-on the way out of leavenworth-there was a pair of OPREY above the tumwater on a spar tree w/ a nest forming--also sighted werw REDTAILED HAWK + RAVEN. cheers + good birding, maxine reid tulalip bay ,wa---mail to - baconmf at mail.com

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