[Tweeters] Yelm, Thurston County Common Yellowthroat and Sandhill Cranes or meat eaters

Yelm Backyard Wildlife yelmbackyard at gmail.com
Sun Apr 25 10:37:20 PDT 2010

Dear Tweets

I had the pleasure of seeing 4 male Common Yellowthroat yesterday and
heard one more in a shrubby field flanked by trees next to the
Nisqually River in Thurston County. There were also Spotted Towhees,
Sparrows (unk), Redbreasted Nuthatches and flock of 30 Gulls that flew
overhead as the wind and weather were changing. I always hear a
hummingbird through this field, but have never caught sight of it
until yesterday evening, too. He appeared to be getting nectar from
the yellow shrubby bush flowers in the field - quite possibly Scotch
broom - and then flew off towards the tree line. On the way home,
there were at least 50 meat eaters, very similiar to Sandhill Cranes,
flying towards the East at 7pm in a wind current - circling - forming
something like a tunnel - each flying in an opposing circle upwards
from 2,000ft to a very very high altitude. Amazing to watch them
effortlessly lift with the wind over a small period of time.

Thurston County
yelmbackyard at gmail.com

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