[Tweeters] Wood Duck Removing Egg

Lee Rentz lee at leerentz.com
Tue Apr 27 07:42:42 PDT 2010

In our Wood Duck nest box, there may now be too many eggs for
successful incubation. I think there are three female Wood Ducks and
one Hooded Merganser that have laid eggs there; at last count there
were 30 eggs, and I think it has gone up from there.

This morning I was on the phone during an incident I observed on the
nest cam, and didn't get a chance to tape it. What I saw was a
female Wood Duck tap a hole in the end of one egg, which gave it a
way to pick up the egg and immediately carry it out of the box. I
suspect that this was the egg of a competitor, but I'm not sure.

Lee Rentz
Shelton, WA

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