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For clarification, Sanders Freed works for The Nature Conservancy, but this
work was done for the Fort Lewis Fish and Wildlife Program. The Swift tower
was constructed primarily for Vaux’s Swifts, but the chimney cap was
modified to encourage use by various bat species. The work involved Sanders
climbing the tree, limbing it, and topping it. Afterwards, a lift was
brought in so that the materials could be brought up to the level of the
topped tree. Nick Miller (Fort Lewis Fish and Wildlife) and Sanders Freed
(TNC) then constructed the swift tower with all the trimmings.

>Sanders Freed put these up for the American Bird Conservancy as nest/

>roost towers for Vaux's Swifts.

>Larry Schwitters


On Jul 31, 2010, at 4:57 PM, RH Johnston wrote:

> On Area 21 (Upper Weir) Ft Lewis, there is a Douglas Fir Tree which

> has been cut off at about 25 feet. Tree looks to have been dead.

> Mounted to this tall stump is a foursided tower affair, about 8 feet

> tall, made of maybe cedar planking, lapped horizontally. On the very

> top is a metal, sort of chimney cap. At the base of the tower, top

> of the stump, are mounted several of what look to be bird

> (Squirrel?) shelters. Anyone know the origin or purpose of this

> contraption? Took a lot of work and I think a crane to mount on the

> stump. I snapped a couple of photos but I don't know how to get them

> on the list. Bob Johnston, rhjohnston9587 AT comcast.net University Place

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