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Mon Aug 2 22:29:44 PDT 2010

Adding to Ruth Sullivan's report:

Along the beach at Ocean Shores on Saturday (7/31) before noon there were about 825 Semipalmated Plovers and an equal number of Sanderling. Most of the sanderling were in worn adult breeding plumage with a few fresher looking white and gray young birds.

On Sunday afternoon (8/1) 310 Marbled Godwits were perched along the riprap at the marina .

A real treat was one juvenal Red-necked Phalarope paddling around the north end of the Bell Canal.

CAUTION: Do Not drive on the beach south of the Taurus Rd. access. The sand is very soft. This is the first access point north of the Point Brown Jetty area.

Tom Schooley
Olympia, WA
schooleymccartan @ comcast.net

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