[Tweeters] Olympic trip last weekend

Dale C hartspass at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 3 15:56:45 PDT 2010

The oddity of the trip was finding a Pacific Loon at the John Wayne Marina. I observed it for half an hour last Friday and for another 15 minutes the next morning. The bird did not fly or dive while observed and was hunting only on Saturday AM. The gray-white nape, dark face and bill and the side black and white neck striping of a bird in breeding plumage was present. Ill or injured bird?

Heermann's gull was observed at diamond point, near the coast guard station on Ediz spit, and at tongue point. Immature Harlequin Ducks were seen off of the spit and at tongue point. Tufted Puffins were drifting at high tide at diamond point. A family living next to the old quarantine station has feeders up attracting goldfinches and the most unmarked little brown sparrow that I have ever seen! Species unknown. Pigeon Guillemot were see at all 3 ocean locations and off of the kingston ferry.

4 Sooty Grouse were seen at observation point and an immature horned lark was seen hopping and walking off the trail at hurricane hill in the Olympics.

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