[Tweeters] Wilson's Warbler

Darlene Sybert drsybert at northtown.org
Wed Aug 4 21:10:13 PDT 2010

A Wilson's Warbler visited the birdbath here this morning. This is not
the first time I have seen one here on my five acres--just the first one
this year. One day last week, a Hermit's Thrush visited it, but I see
it there frequently.

Not so many birds at the feeders in the last couple weeks now that the
back half of my acreage is covered with wildflowers and rapidly ripening
But today, there were fledging Black-headed Grosbeaks and more
simultaneous visits by the mature birds also. Part of that may be
attributed to adding two more feeders and spreading them farther apart.

There were seven male American Goldfinch, two females, a female purple
finch, and a pine siskin on the two finch feeders all at the same time
yesterday--a new high in toleration for these males.


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