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That's a Grackle !

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Subject: [Tweeters] Olympia Mystery Blackbird
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Date: Saturday, August 7, 2010, 10:17 AM

While leaving work Tuesday Aug 3,  I saw sitting on the wall alongside the DNR parking lot (Washington St and 11th), a medium sized black bird that reminded me of a Thrasher. Shiny Black , yellow eye, longish black thin sharply pointed downwardly curved bill.I did not see the tail as it was facing me. I got to within 8 feet or so for about 30 sec., thus I got a good look. I need to get in the habit of carrying my camera to work. I brought it with me the next day but did not see the bird again.
I did a brief internet search, did not find anything.
Anyone have any ideas what this bird is?
John Whitehead

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