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Come back on I-5 & you might get some early geese/cranes/ducks + shorebirds at Merced NWR (Los Banos) or Sacramento NWR .  On the way south don't miss the hawks at Marin Headlands.  SF Bay shorebirds will be near their peak; easy access at Palo Alto/Mtn View.  Detour to Monterey Bay via Moss Landing and then go on a pelagic with Monterey Bay Seabirds or Debbie $hearwater.  Reserve ahead for these.  Santa Barbara also has excellent pelagics on Condor Express.  You could also visit Point Reyes but it's much farther off your route. 


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    My patient but not-yet-birder husband and I will be camping our way south to the Santa Barbara area for a couple weeks in late September.  We plan to mix longer driving days with shorter, birding days.  I've got the ABA Guide to So. Cal., but I would appreciate any not-to-be missed suggestions.  We could go south along the coast and north along the I-5 corridor or vice versa.  Any reasons to choose one route over the other?  I'd like to spend some time in the Sacramento Delta.  Any recommended locations?  I don't have any target species beyond Wrentit and Yellow-billed Magpie.  I just want to visit some interesting spots and see what I can find.
    Thanks in advance--
    Carol Stoner

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