[Tweeters] FYI ... a "superzoom" camera choice

Lyn Topinka pointers at pacifier.com
Sun Aug 8 13:39:02 PDT 2010

hi group ...

while most birder photographers are "in" to DSLR's and power lenses,
quite often a family (or the spouse of a birder) just wants a smaller
camera, but one which can still capture birds ... having experimented
with many of these "superzooms" --- my favorite is the 11 megapixel
Fuji s100fs ... sure, it's not going to get you the shots like a DSLR
with macho lens, but it's affordable, compact, easily hand-held,
makes a nice all-around family camera ... plus it takes decent shots
of the birds which visit your backyard ... even in our
Washington/Oregon weather !!!!!!! ... and yes, I have used it at the
Wildlife Refuge with nice results (nothing spectacular, but nice)
... but mainly the camera sits in a yellow toolbox (so I can easily
spot where the camera is) next to our picture window ... even with
one of my DSLRs sitting around this Fuji is my husband's camera of choice ...

so, last saturday (overcast and gloomy) I decided to sit outside in
the morning and photograph the birds I saw in the yard ... this
morning I put the webpage together ... I highly recommend this camera
if you're looking for one of this type.


Vancouver, WA

Lyn Topinka

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