[Tweeters] Unusual duck at Titlow Park, Tacoma

Gary Sogard gsbssstg at msn.com
Mon Aug 9 19:50:22 PDT 2010

Hi, Tweeters,

This morning looking over the ducks on the tidal pond, I noticed a dark Mallard. Thinking maybe a Black Duck, I spent some time watching it, and got close looks as it preened near the pool's edge. Dark body, light head, dark line through the eye, dark streaks across the top of the head in a "V", with the point at the start of the bill. As it preened, the top of the throat beneath the bill was unmarked, and showed a distinct buffy color. When it lifted its wings a couple times, the white, slightly buffy undersides of the wing were prominent. The speculums were purplish, not as blue as a Mallard, but not as violet as a Black Duck. They had white borders, but much narrower than a typical Mallard. Sounds like a Mottled Duck, but that seems hard to believe. If someone stops by Titlow, please check it out...a second opinion would be nice. Thanks.

Gary Sogard
University Place
gsbssstg at msn.com

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