[Tweeters] Pacific Loon in Sequim

Shawn Weigelt northern.gos13 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 08:50:25 PDT 2010

Hello Tweeters! On Saturday, August 7, I did a check of John Wayne Marina
in Sequim and was very surprised to find a breeding plumage Pacific Loon
fishing within 100 yards of shore! It was a stunningly beautiful bird! I
am relatively new to Washington (I'm originally an east coaster from Maine)
so I'm not exactly sure if this is an unusual sighting for this time of year
or not. The pale gray on the back of the head really stood out at great
distance and a check with the binoculars and a few documentation photos left
no doubt. If you would like to see a photo I would be happy to send one.
Bear in mind, however, I was limited in reach with my lens and it is
documentation quality only! =)

Also present at the marina were at least four species of gulls including
several Heerman's, a few Mew and Ring-billed, and a majority of large
Glaucous-winged or hybrids.

Shawn Weigelt
Vaughn, WA
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