[Tweeters] Part 2 of observing the Hudsonion again!!!!!!!

Ruth Sullivan godwit513 at comcast.net
Tue Aug 10 17:02:06 PDT 2010

Hello Tweeters
I am still on a high to seeing the Hudsonion the other day,This part is
where I birdied alone going back to the Marsh,to see if this bird still is
It was 3.00 PM and the tide was high,but perfect on the brackish Marsh with
there many island to roost.
My first new bird here where 4 Green -winged Teals what was new for this
trip (there right on time returning middle of August.
The second bird was the Hudsonion Godwit,he was right in front of Marsh
,again with the big group of Dowitchers,and again he was feeding fast and
steady giving no attention at all to nothing around him.One said when the
migrants feeding steady that there not staying to long,this bird never
resting,Since it was high tide all around more shorebirds flying in from all
direction I saw 2 Juvenile Ruddy Turnstone flying right by me loudly calling
loudly a low pitched guttural rattle (hard to forget this call) A big
group of 52 large size of Canada Geese flying over head,the second Goose
was a small goose halve the size ,It was a CACKLING GOOSE,my first of the
season.This could be also an early date
I was standing in the middle of all the many Shorebirds ,the noise of all
the birds was something I had never experienced,I think this you would hear
on the tundra where all the Shorebirds breed.On the huge largest driftwood
there where a Peregrine Falcon sitting on the end of the Log,he had his
back shown and when he turned his head ,I can also see some of the facial
marking (the mask and the blue bill.There I spotted the juvenile Pacific
GOLDEN PLOVER ,and counted 35 Semipalmated Plovers.There where a second
Falcon sitting apart from the one on the log sitting close too the edge of
the vegetation on something.All the many birds was surrounding this 2
Falcon.Once in a while I looking if this birds still sitting.Amazing that
there was surrounded by so many Shorebirds and sitting so still for at
least 45 minutes.Looking around I spotted 3 more Red-necked phalaropes .
All the sudden all the birds in the thousands going up in the air and I saw
one of the Falcon circled around.I than watched the Falcon,and he did not
went up to get a prey.It probable means that he was full from an earlier
kill that he was not hungry He took off but not back to the Log.I found out
from Dianna Moore that she saw the Falcon later in the evening.What a
great day with such exiting Day ending.

Cheers and Good Birdying Ruth Sullivan

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