[Tweeters] Red-necked Phalarope photos from the Fill

Vicki King vkbirder at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 23:02:24 PDT 2010

Thanks to this afternoon's posting about the Red-necked Phalarope at the
Fill, Jim and I went to the Fill to see if we could find it. We arrived
shortly before the sun dropped below the horizon and found it right away,
actively swimming in the center of the main pond and then swimming right up
to the eastern edge of the pond to pick food from the water's surface. A
Spotted Sandpiper also flew in nearby and we got to watch them together. A
few of Jim's photos of the Phalarope are posted at
http://gallery.me.com/james_r_king/100121. As we were returning to our car,
we happened on four Bewick's wrens who flew down to the path for vigorous
and extended dust bathing -- very charming.

Vicki King, Seattle
vkbirder at geemail dot com
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