[Tweeters] Hudsonian Godwit at Ocean Shores Today

Marvin S. Hoekstra marvin.hoekstra at verizon.net
Thu Aug 12 22:34:20 PDT 2010


I arrived at the Tonquin Rd access to the Oyehut game area at 11:45 this
morning. Not seeing any other birders, I wondered if I had missed the
action. After clambering over the logs by the "radar installation" I soon
saw a group of Short-Billed Dowitchers, identified by vocalization, and a
larger bland looking bird, feeding in the pools left at what appeared to be
quite a low tide. The larger bird had a bill in which the upcurve was
barely noticeable. During the first half hour, this bird flew several
times, and did several stationary flapping exercises that revealed the tail
and the wings. The half of the tail nearest the body was white, the outer
half black. Each wing had one lengthwise white stripe, most intense around
the half way point. These markings are clearly those of a Hudsonian Godwit.
I photographed this bird with the wings and tail exposed. I plan to post
those photos. Later I watched this Godwit for 40 minutes without seeing its
wings or tail. I give lots of credit to Ruth, who I believe was first to
identify it as Hudsonian. Let me just say that it would seem to be easy to
miss this.

While there I decided to have a look for the female King Eider. I checked
out a flock of miserably cold looking scoters out in the bay, most of which
had adopted the tucked bill position. Some were diving and more visible.
While males and females were present, appearing and disappearing in the
swells, I was not able to ID the King Eider.

I noticed a lot of birders arriving late to mid afternoon, at which point
the Hudsonian was still there. Thanks to those who gave directions and
posted photos. I have now been able to see all the posted photos.

Marvin S. Hoekstra

Sammamish, WA

marvin dot hoekstra at verizon dot net

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