[Tweeters] Babbling Bewick's Wren

squeakyfiddle at aol.com squeakyfiddle at aol.com
Fri Aug 13 19:21:05 PDT 2010

All day I've been serenaded by a young Bewick's Wren practicing his
song. He reeled off fragments of melody, repeated them over and over
and over in no particular order. Sometime late this afternoon I became
aware that the he was singing the fragments in specific combinations
that were recognizable as larger fragments of songs I've heard in the
garden over the years.

He's not there yet, is hesitant in some places, overconfident in
others. At times he just reverts to the buzz, "bzzzzt bzzzzzzt
bzzzzzt". I wonder if the buzz is easy, the wren equivalent of an "uh"
as he struggles with a difficult phrase.

He is quiet now. Perhaps there will be more tomorrow.

Catherine Alexander
Lakewood Neighborhood
South Seattle

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