[Tweeters] Bellingham's Caspian Terns

Bill Anderson billandersonbic at yahoo.com
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I was by there last week after my son's softball tournament in Lynden.  I am not
sure if I had the right place  as I had left the directions at home.  As you
build up the web page, could you include some photos of the best viewing

Friday morning I photographed a juvenile Caspian tern flying over the jetty at
Brackett's Landing in Edmonds.  It did not make the "angry cat" growl of an
adult, but emitted a funny squeeking sound instead.
Bill Anderson; Edmonds, WA.

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Birders one and all,
In the interest of sharing some of the images from the second-largest nesting
colony of Caspian Terns on the West Coast, I've uploaded a few photos from the
site on the Bellingham waterfront. 
The page will take more work as time allows but this will enable more people to
view some of these magnificent specimens and some of this year's new editions.

You can access the photos at http://jome.smugmug.com.
Enjoy the photos and stay cool in this unseemly heat.
Joe Meche
**Let's see if this works!

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