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> Hello Tweeters,

> Since it was going to be so hot this weekend, I figured driving to the

> Ocean would be the best think to do.the trouble with this was it was

> Friday ,where every one going on the road,it took me over three hours from

> Tacoma to Ocean Shores.I paired up with Kay Norton who I birdied with in

> Nisqually.We met Khan Tran and Mark Houston,Katy Andrich who I not been

> seeing for such a long time and many other birders,where all came for the

> Hudsonian Godwit.But some one found a Stilt Sandpiper ,what is a great

> find Khan showed us the bird and I got some close photos

> There was not that many Shorebirds as we had in previous weeks,but there

> was plenty to see yet,especial the young Peregrine was hunting the

> area,but he came out empty every time,it was fun to watch,but it could be

> if this bird don't get his prey he would not live long.He really tried

> hard going away and coming with such speed back seeing this bird among all

> the Shorebird and flying off empty Khan Thran also showed us an adult in

> breeding plumage Pacific Golden Plover ,this bird did not stay around

> long,he flew direction Damon point,,probable to the tip .where Patrick and

> I found them so many times in the past.We went to the Jetty and looking

> from a higher point ,we did see no Rock birds,You could not got a parking

> place close to the jetty,this is where most all people go ,sitting on the

> sands with there chairs and flying the kites.One Kite was absolutely

> beautiful it was a big huge Dragonfly (Darner species) This Kite was

> also not gorgeous he also was flying the best.So there is more to see than

> birds.

> We went back who we had all the many Shorebirds ,and there was now coming

> in more from every whereas ,most all juvenile Western Sandpipers.there

> was sighted on to 4 Semipalmated Sandpipers,but with all the looking I

> could not find one,There also was only few Dowitchers left,and few Least

> Sandpipers what was on the higher beaches as always and few Semipalmated

> also not that many as 35.

> We both left on Saturday evening ,it was pretty hot even on the Ocean

> ,there said it got in the 100 degree heat,walking the beaches in the hot

> sand got us pretty worn out ,the stores also was out of Ice. Looking at my

> photos there all looking good and I will post the photos tomorrow

> afternoon.


> Good birdying ,Ruth Sullivan

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