[Tweeters] Paradise - Mt. Rainier

Dave Hayden dtvhm at nwrain.com
Tue Aug 17 22:21:49 PDT 2010

Sherry and I did our annual Skyline trail hike today. At Paradise, we had GRAY JAYS, CLARK'S NUTCRACKER'S, PINE SISKIN, and 1 PRAIRIE FALCON that flew over and headed over Paradise Valley towards the Tatoosh range. We hiked trail clockwise, doing the steep section first. On our way to Panorama Point, we had 1 SOOTY GROUSE, and 2 MOUNTAIN CHICKADEE'S. We hiked on the Pebble Creek spur to avoid the mobs at Panorama Point. A great move, we had a flock of 60+ GRAY-CROWNED ROSY FINCHES fly over us and land on the Pebble Creek trail. They were mostly all immatures. We continued on spotted 7 Mountain Goats in the Paradise Glacier area. We could not locate any Ptarmigan in the traditional places, so we thought they were just sitting quietly out of sight. As we continued on, we spotted a hen WHITE-TAILED PTARMIGAN with 4 chicks right next to the trail. I'm sure these were different birds than Khahn and Evan had on the weekend. We ended our day with VAUX'S SWIFT'S, 2 EVENING GROSBEAK'S and 3 Black Bears.

Dave Hayden
dtvhm AT nwrain.com
Centralia, WA

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