[Tweeters] Kennedy Creek and Shelton Peales

tony m amoares at msn.com
Wed Aug 18 07:51:09 PDT 2010

Stopped by Kennedy Creek last evening. Didn't see much going on but then saw something sitting on a small rock out in the mud flats. A closer look showed it was a Peales Peregrine eyeing the ducks and shorebirds.
I settled down to watch for a while and after about five minutes it took off after a group of mallards. Gave chase in several directions, pulled up and made a couple of dives and gave up.
Possibly the same bird I watched chase a Bald eagle out of the area last Fall. Also looks similar to one that's made frequent visits to my pigeon loft just a couple of miles away. It knocked one of them out of the air right in front of me no more than thirty feet of the ground right in my front yard. That one escaped, bloodied and battered but then it gave chase to a couple of the others. Saw it a few days later in a high speed tail chase with one of the pigeons.. Came out a few days later to find pigeons in a panic all over the yard and hiding in the trees. Only a peregrine does that. They want to be anywhere but in the air. Coopers and Goshawks put them up flying..
Want to see Raptors? Breed some pigeons and sit back and watch the excitement


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