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tony m amoares at msn.com
Wed Aug 18 08:11:05 PDT 2010

Coming into Shelton on Hwy 3 right before Lumberman's about a month ago I spotted. right next to the road sitting thirty feet off the road on a power line, a big female Peales Peregrine. Made a U-turn This bird and crept up with the binoculars. This bird was very tolerant and I eventually was standing right under it getting a real good look. I noticed it had blood and feathers on it's face so had just fed. It eventually started to scream at me and moved a few yards along the wire so I decided to look for the kill. Went through some adjoining shrubs and across a small creek and there was the patch of feathers. When I got to it I was surprised to find a half eaten gull. Still steaming.
Just fifty feet from the park bench that people are always sat on.
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