[Tweeters] Possible Blackpoll Warbler, Renton

Teresa Michelsen teresa at avocetconsulting.com
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Along these lines, I had what appeared to be a black-throated grey that
looked like a female, but without the black spot at the base of its throat -
the throat was clean white with black streaking along the sides, as
described below. This was definitely not a black-and-white - the head and
back were quite grey - a beautiful bird.

Although my field guide doesn't show it, the website below shows a female
with a straight eye-stripe and describes the immature female as having a
mostly white throat. So maybe that's what we both saw - Teresa

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Hi Tweeters,

I just saw an odd warbler at Riverview Park in Renton off of Hwy 169, just
outside of downtown Renton.

The face pattern seemed all wrong to me for a Black-throated Gray. The
white cheek patch did not swoop up behind the eye. It was distinctively
straight. As warblers do it was moving a lot. The throat was clean white.
Those are the things that stood out to me. I wanted to get a look for
yellow lores but it had moved on with the rest of the mixed warbler flock.
I wished I had more Blackpoll info stored in my brain to actually note the
black cap, duh...

If anyone gives it a go, as you enter the park go straight up to the main
trail, there will be a wet swampy area in front of you, that is where I saw
the bird, it was moving downstream.

Andrich, chukarbird at yahoo . com

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