[Tweeters] Tukwila Pond Park -- 8.21.10 -- American Coot Chick, Pied-Billed Grebe Family, Osprey

Sandy Buzzelli sandy at sooscreekfiberarts.com
Sat Aug 21 21:20:08 PDT 2010

My husband and I took a last-minute, first-time trip to Tukwila Pond Park today
8.21.10 -- we were there between 5:30pm and 7:30pm -- and we are so glad that we

We got our first-ever look at an American Coot chick (two of them, actually) and
were astounded at how brightly colored they were! And they were so very, very

We also saw a Pied-Billed Grebe adult and juvenile. The adult grebe was quite
good at catching fish, but its offspring has a bit to learn yet about the fine
art of fish catching and eating -- it repeatedly dropped the fish the parent was
trying to pass its way -- the 8th attempt finally got the fish down the throat
of the juvie.

As we were packing up our scope in preparation for heading home, an osprey flew
across the pond. We didn't need the scope or our binoculars to see it -- it was
so close that we got an incredible look at it -- and wow, osprey sure can fly

Sandy Buzzelli
Covington, WA
sandy at sooscreekfiberarts dot com

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