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For three decades, many friends asked why I enjoyed Steelhead catch & release fly fishing. They reely (sic) could not visualize what I was doing or why I enjoyed it so much. Then many of my friends and patients (I am in private practice as a psychotherapist) saw Brad Pitt in " The River Runs through it" movie and especially some women were more understanding and appreciative of the sport.

Steelhead Fly fishing and birding have most things in common: both often take place in beautiful areas, many birds appear more adaptive to compromised environs; birding is often less intrusive, although the case is made that done properly, catch & release fly fishing is minimally intrusive; Fly fishing requires careful selection of materials, including feathers in order to find and see a species, birding allows other lures- including food and song to lure the species in; generally, f ish are not seen in rivers, so patterns of migration and information regarding water flow and habitat are needed in order to ever see one- one is "searching blind", in birding, one is assured of seeing something interesting, if not the target species, on any outing- one may not see the target species, Steelhead for some time. People participate in the activities for different and a variety of reasons- social interaction, solitude, immersion in nature, creativity, exercise, cognitive improvement or stimulation, friendly competition, better understanding other species or self- enhancement among many other things.

Now that I have shifted into this new series of adventures, many people are even more confused about the appeal and why I enjoy many hours in the field searching for and observing birds.
So, now a comedy is being made of the book, "The Big Year" (see link below for a summary). Steve Martin, Dustin Hoffman, Ang. Houston, Jack Black and other significant stars have been cast.
Sounds like it will focus on the competitive aspects of birding. This will probably provide a first impression of birding for many people. It should be funny. It will be very interesting to me to hear Tweeters member predictions of the public's responses to the movie and discuss with others their impressions of this activity following viewing it.

Has anyone read the book? What do you think?


Thanks to all of you who continue to generously share your experiences of birding with the rest of us. I have met many great people, enjoyed many new environments, conceptualized grand patterns of migration and seen animal behavior and beauty I could not have imagined. It has enriched my life.

Best regards,
Dan Reiff
Mercer Island
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