[Tweeters] Bulbous Bewick's Wren

Scott Ramos lsr at ramoslink.info
Tue Aug 24 11:11:06 PDT 2010


Interesting morning walking along the Bothell Landing trail. First, a loud
noise dropping down a tall cottonwood about 50 feet away. Not a branch, but
large whitish drops. No squirrels around, which was my first thought. Then,
among the dense leaves, the head of a Great-Blue Heron briefly appeared.
I've never seen them roosting in this part of the park. Might be a good

Warblers are infrequent visitors to this trail, but first two Wilson's,
then a Black-throated Gray Warbler appeared, the latter a first for the
trail since I have been taking notes.

Finally, amid a flock of chickadees, a juvenile Bewick's Wren joined in.
Short tail, very scruffy plumage, but most remarkable, it had an abscess
the size of a small grape right in the middle of its forehead. It flew and
hopped in an unsteady manner; perhaps the growth was a tumor. Whatever, the
future is probably not bright for this bird.

Scott Ramos

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