[Tweeters] MONGOLIAN PLOVER STILL in Ocean Shores

Ruth Sullivan godwit513 at comcast.net
Thu Aug 26 23:16:45 PDT 2010

Hello Tweeters,
It was 7.30PM,when I left,when more birders still arrived,I saw this bird
with many other birders to 7.00 PM,hopeful with the help of Greg this birds
going to be located.This is if confirmed the FIRST STATE record,well
documented by all the photos been taken.This species is way overdue in this
State,There bee n as many as 5 records recorded,but no one got any photos
ore there was 1 person bird.I also going again to see this beauty of a bird
tomorrow. The Stilt Sandpiper also is still there.
A BIG CONGRATULATION to BOB SUNDSTROM for finding this bird, and also thank
to Paul Hicks to put it on Tweeters Alert ,so many
birder seeing this bird.


Ruth Sullivan

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